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The majority of modern vehicles come fitted with power windows, offering the convenience of rolling them up or down with a simple button press. However, over time, these power windows can experience wear and tear or even break down. Luckily, our team of local service experts specializes in repairing or replacing power window regulators, ensuring your windows operate smoothly again.

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Understanding How Power Windows Work

The window regulator is a crucial mechanical component in power windows, responsible for the ascending and descending motion of the window. It operates in conjunction with a power window motor; without this motor, manual operation via a crank would be necessary. Typically, both the window regulators and motors are discreetly located inside the vehicle’s doors, often going unnoticed until a malfunction occurs.

At The Power Window Doctors, we regularly encounter issues where windows fail to open or close correctly, often due to a faulty window regulator, electrical circuit issues, or defective motors.

Continue reading to discover more about these common problems with car window regulators and our approach to fixing them.

How Do I Know if My Power Window Regulator Is Broken?

You need power window regulator repair or power window regulator replacement if you notice any of the following:

  • Unusual sounds like squeaking or scraping during the window’s rolling up or down motion.
  • Uneven movement of the window, leading to a crooked appearance as it raises or lowers.
  • The window slipping down or dropping into the door.
  • The motor sounds active, yet the window remains unmoved.
  • Sluggishness in the window’s opening or closing speed.
  • Inability of the window to completely open or close.

Why Are Power Window Repair and Power Window Replacement Important?

Much like your car’s windshield or doors, the windows are a vital structural component of your vehicle. Functioning power windows not only protect passengers from external elements but also contribute to the overall structural integrity of your car.

Types of Power Window Regulators

Currently, the market predominantly features two types of power window regulators: the cable type and the gear-drive type. Both varieties can be either repaired or replaced, depending on their condition.

What Is Wrong with My Power Window?

The Power Window Doctors specialize in Window Regulator Repair. We can diagnose most problems over the phone with some specific information and won’t require an in-person consultation. However, there exceptions where a Diagnostic Trip is necessary. Before your call, look over this list.

At The Power Window Doctors, one of our expertise lies in Window Regulator Repair. We’re adept at diagnosing a majority of issues telephonically, using specific details you provide, often eliminating the need for a direct consultation. However, there are instances where an on-site diagnostic assessment becomes essential. Please review this list before calling us.

Common Indicators of a Window Regulator Failure:

  • If the window remains motionless upon pressing the switch, it could suggest a malfunctioning motor.
  • When a window lowers but fails to rise, this often points to an issue with the switch or the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • A jamming window or one that doesn’t respond while the motor is active might indicate a mechanical issue with the power window regulator.
  • A window that gradually slides down typically signals a fault in the window regulator.

During your call, please inform our Diagnostic Technician about the specific circumstances of the breakdown. Mention if you hear any grinding sounds from the motor, or a clicking noise when attempting to raise or lower the window. This information is akin to a doctor using a stethoscope for diagnosis; it helps us accurately identify the issue in about 95% of cases.

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Power Window Regulator Repair

If a cable-type window regulator has a snapped or frayed it is possible to repair the power window regulator. However, most malfunctioning power window regulators require replacement. All our power window repairs are eligible for mobile repair.

In cases where a cable-type window regulator is snapped or frayed, repairing the power window regulator is feasible. However, typically, power window regulators that are malfunctioning necessitate a replacement. We offer mobile repair services for all types of power window repairs.

The Power Window Doctor Window Regulator Replacement

Replacing a power window regulator is a swift, dependable, and cost-effective process at The Power Window Doctors. We consistently utilize top-tier replacement components. Given the specifics involved in power window regulator replacement, we typically arrange these tasks with a notice period of 24 to 48 hours. This timeframe allows us to assemble all the necessary parts tailored to your specific vehicle.

Power Window Repair Near Me – Yes, We’re Mobile

The Power Window Doctors offer their services throughout the entire Morristown TN Area, ready to assist you at your location. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to quickly getting you back on the road. Get in touch with The Power Window Doctors to discover more about our available services.

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At The Power Window Doctors, our services in power window regulator repair are unmatched in quality and efficiency. Ensure the safety and comfort of yourself and your passengers with our expert care.

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Our satisfied customers from the Morristown area share their experiences:

  1. Ford Escape: “My Rear window just slowly slid in the door.  I looked online and found The Power Window Doctors.  The came out and replaced the window regulator very affordably.  Thank you.” – Alen, White Pine, TN
  2. Dodge Grand Caravan: “When the driver window just dropped, I didn’t know what to do.  I found The Power Window Doctors.  They came out and fixed it the next day.” – Terry, Bulls Gap TN
  3. Chevy Tahoe: “The Rear window on the tahoe dropped over night. The Power Window Doctors came out and switched it out in less than an hour. I’m very pleased” – Robert, Morristown, TN
  4. Kia Sportage: “I went to the Dealer first and they charged $150 to look at it and then it was over $600 to repair. I was in the lobby and called these guys.  They were HALF the dealer quote and they did it the next day” – Karen, Talbot, TN
  5. Hyundai Tucson: “After the ice storm recently, the window dropped in the door.  Call The Power Window Doctors and they were out in a couple days to fix.  Saved me a lot of time.” – Paul, Bean Station, TN
  6. Chevrolet Corvette: “When the regulator broke, the dealer was over $800. No Way, Call these guys and they’ll come to you and fix it..” – Glen, Morristown TN
  7. Ford Mustang: “The window in my mustang was kind of off kilter.  Lloyd knew what it was over the phone.  Had it replaced in 3 days. .” – Cameron, Jefferson City, TN